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Step into elegance with our handcrafted Anklet Collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold, offering a range of exquisite styles. Elevate your style and showcase your unique taste with these stunning ankle adornments.

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Initial AnkletInitial Anklet
Initial Anklet Sale price$380.00 CAD
Rope Chain Anklet
Rope Chain Anklet Sale price$300.00 CAD
Paper Clip AnkletPaper Clip Anklet
Paper Clip Anklet Sale price$300.00 CAD
Mini Butterfly AnkletMini Butterfly Anklet
Mini Butterfly Anklet Sale price$300.00 CAD
Thin Gold AnkletThin Gold Anklet
Thin Gold Anklet Sale price$200.00 CAD
Heart By the Yard AnkletHeart By the Yard Anklet
Heart By the Yard Anklet Sale price$500.00 CAD
Flat Cuban AnkletFlat Cuban Anklet
Flat Cuban Anklet Sale price$300.00 CAD
Diamond By The Yard AnkletDiamond By The Yard Anklet
Diamond By The Yard Anklet Sale price$830.00 CAD
Single Butterfly AnkletSingle Butterfly Anklet
Single Butterfly Anklet Sale price$350.00 CAD
Gold Cable AnkletGold Cable Anklet
Gold Cable Anklet Sale price$250.00 CAD
Gold Station AnkletGold Station Anklet
Gold Station Anklet Sale price$350.00 CAD
Mini Link AnkletMini Link Anklet
Mini Link Anklet Sale price$250.00 CAD
Triple Diamond Butterfly AnkletTriple Diamond Butterfly Anklet
Triple Diamond Butterfly Anklet Sale price$970.00 CAD
Butterfly by the Yard AnkletButterfly by the Yard Anklet
Butterfly by the Yard Anklet Sale price$620.00 CAD