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Article: The Best Jewelry Cleaner Made By a Pro

The Best Jewelry Cleaner Made By a Pro

The Best Jewelry Cleaner Made By a Pro

Clean your jewelry like a pro

Looking to restore your diamond engagement ring to its initial shine and sparkle? Want to give new life to the gold jewelry that has been passed down through generations in your family? At Isaac Mayer, our passion is fine jewelry, and although creating them is our specialty, making sure you know how to keep your precious jewelry pieces clean is just as important to us. 

That's why we created our own luxury jewelry cleaning solution – the IMFJ Foaming Jewelry Cleaner. It’s the perfect way to clean your jewelry like the professionals do, at the same cost and time as the next best at-home jewelry cleaner. Rival even the best jewelry steam cleaner with the best liquid jewelry cleaner from Isaac Mayer. 

How to use Isaac Mayer foaming jewelry cleaner?

A chemical-free liquid jewelry cleaner, our cleaning solution is safe to use on diamonds, precious gems, and gold. The 7 fl. oz (50ml) cleaner is a foaming solution that is easy to dispense into a clean cloth or the product’s cap for easy use. A short soft-bristled cleaning brush is included with your purchase, for easy access to all of the hard-to-reach corners of your jewelry.   

Follow the short steps outlined in the video below to achieve a professional level of clean and deep shine on all of your diamond rings and gold jewelry.



What is the best thing to clean jewelry with?

Our clients often ask us about the best jewelry cleaning solutions or at-home hacks they can use to clean their jewelry quickly. Nothing quite beats having a professional do a deep clean of your precious stones and metals. But being able to offer our clients a quick and safe way of cleaning all of their different types of fine jewelry was an easy decision for us and the best solution for them.

That got us thinking: why not create a professional grade solution and the best jewelry cleaner for our clients! No one knows our products quite as we do, and as professional jewelers, we know what should or shouldn't be coming into contact with your jewelry. We quickly realized that the chemical-free soap and water solution we use in-house as part of our cleaning process was something we could share with our customers. So we did, and that is how the IMFJ Foaming Jewelry Cleaner was created.

How to clean a diamond ring at home?

We understand that you don't have the time to always stop by a jeweler's and have us give your handcrafted engagement ring some love. Indeed, jewelry polishing is a tedious process that requires extra care and a good amount of elbow grease. That's why our IMFJ Jewelry Cleaner is the perfect solution for when you're at home and in search of that perfect finish to your ring.

Even the best home solutions for jewelry cleaning won't come close to the results our tried and tested solution will provide. Don't risk at-home solutions like baking soda or other household items. The IMFJ luxury foaming jewelry cleaning solution is the best investment you can make for your jewelry collection, retailed at only 25$ plus tax.

With just one pump of our cleaning solution, you'll already restore shine to your favorite rings. To protect the precious stones in your jewelry, we recommend gently scrubbing at the stone or metal you're wishing to clean, and then wiping down excess solution or product with a soft cloth. And voilà, now you can admire how bright you and your fine jewelry shine.

What is the best way to clean gold jewelry?

Our goal is that your jewelry lives on and carries the memories of those who wore it – without being tarnished by the dirt and grime of everyday life. It's natural for diamond rings and gold jewelry to lose their shine over time, whether that be because of exposure to different lotions, sanitizers, or dust and dirt that comes with everyday wear.

Everyone has their own cleaning method or hack that's been passed down from mother to daughter. However, our easy once-a-week cleaning process is sure to save you tons of time and energy. Not only that, you're sure to gain lots of compliments on your dazzling rings and necklaces the next time you wear them out on the town.

To restore new life to old jewelry, we recommend always using a cleaning solution that has no harsh chemicals that could damage your precious stones or metals. With any type of jewelry, especially gold, we recommend using a soft polish cloth or brush to gently remove dirt and keep any new grime from getting onto your newly polished pieces. You've invested in your jewelry – so make sure they are kept in perfect condition and shine on.

About Us

Isaac Mayer is a third generation jeweler, who opened his Montreal-based business in 2008. His extensive experience and passion for all things jewelry make him the ultimate professional and go-to for all brides in Montreal who are looking for the perfect engagement ring. Let your diamond rings and gold jewelry shine forever with the IMFJ Foaming Jewelry Cleaner, available to purchase on