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Article: How to Pick the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

How to Pick the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams
Engagement Rings

How to Pick the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Deciding to propose to your beloved partner is an exhilarating time. After deciding to get married, the next step is to plan for and choose the perfect engagement ring that symbolizes your relationship. At Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry, we are honoured to be a part of your engagement journey and want to help you plan with our engagement ring guide.

Choose an Engagement Ring Budget

One of the first steps in ring shopping is determining your budget. While there are no set rules, experts often recommend budgeting approximately 2-3 months' salary towards an engagement ring. However, you can adjust this based on your financial situation.

Here are some tips for creating your engagement ring budget:

  • Consider what you can reasonably afford. Ask our specialists about all of our diamond options, including lab-grown diamonds. 
  • If budget is a concern, opt for a smaller center diamond carat size. Focus spending on diamond quality over size. 
  • The setting and band also contribute to the cost. A simple solitaire setting often costs less than an intricate, pave style.
  • Think about the metal. Platinum is more expensive than 18K gold or 14K white gold.
  • Focus spending on the design elements most important to you, like diamond shape or style.
  • Get insurance for ring peace of mind. This protects your investment.
  • Financing options like payment plans can assist with budgeting over time.

Still have questions? Bring your budget range to us. We'll guide you through options personalized to your priorities.

How Long Does It Take To Design an Engagement Ring?

It takes approximately 6 weeks to craft a custom engagement ring from start to finish. This allows time for an initial consultation to review your preferences, assistance in finalizing your perfect diamond and design, sourcing high-quality materials, and meticulous crafting by our experienced jewelry artisans.

While we ensure that the custom process tailors your ring exactly to your wishes, we understand that sometimes you need a quicker turnaround. In that case, we recommend considering our selection of ready-to-ship engagement ring options. These stunning designs are crafted using the same attention to detail as our custom rings. They can ship out within just a few business days after purchase, making them a great solution when you need a faster proposal timeline.

Choose the Perfect Diamond for Your Partner

The diamond is the glittering centrepiece of any engagement ring. When selecting a diamond, diamond shape and cut are key factors to consider.

Diamond Shape

  • Round: The most popular shape that dazzles. An ideal symmetry and proportion.
  • Princess: Modern cut with sharp corners. Gives the illusion of a larger diamond.
  • Oval: An elegant elongated shape. Can make fingers appear longer and slender.
  • Cushion: A vintage look combining round and square shapes. Provides a soft romantic vibe.
  • Pear: A dramatic teardrop shape. Opt to point upward for a flattering look.
  • Emerald: The pinnacle of elegance. Its elongated shape exudes sophistication.

Diamond Cut

The cut determines how light refracts through the diamond to produce sparkle. Well-cut diamonds showcase exceptional brilliance. Seek excellent or ideal cut grades.

Diamond Carat

Carat refers to diamond weight. While larger diamonds are more coveted, opt for best-cut quality within your budget.

Diamond Color

Most diamonds have some degree of colour. Completely colourless stones are rare and valuable. Near colourless diamonds with grades G-H offer great quality at lower cost.

Diamond Clarity

Internally flawless diamonds are exceptionally rare. Slight inclusions in grades like VS or SI are hard to spot by the naked eye.

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

The setting determines how the diamond and other stones are placed in your ring. Learn all about designing a custom engagement ring in our guide.

Popular setting styles include:

  • Solitaire: Showcases a single diamond with elegant simplicity. Maximizes diamond presence.
  • Halo: Surrounds the center diamond with a frame of smaller stones. Creates a dazzling effect.
  • Three-Stone: Displays three gemstones aligned. Often indicates past, present and future.
  • Pavé: Tiny diamonds are set closely together along the band. Provides amazing sparkle.
  • Vintage/Antique: Embodies timeless, ornate styles like art deco—a nod to history.

Consider your partner's jewelry taste and lifestyle when narrowing down setting options. An active person may prefer low-profile or bezel-set styles. Discuss your preferences with us, for a setting that is uniquely created for you!

Visit Our Montreal Jewelry Showroom

While online browsing gives you an idea of ring options, visiting our elegant fine jewelry showroom in Montreal allows for an immersive experience. 

Here are the benefits of visiting in person:

  • Get up close with our hand-crafted collection of designer rings.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of diamonds by seeing sparkle and colours.
  • Tangibly try on different engagement ring styles.
  • Receive guidance from our diamond experts.
  • Visualize rings on your partner's finger for proper fit and look.
  • Start forming emotional connections by seeing rings in real life.
  • Take high-quality photos and videos of your favourite picks.

Trust our guidance at Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry to find the perfect symbol of your love. Fill out this engagement ring form or contact us to book an appointment when you're ready to begin your ring planning journey.

Drop Engagement Ring Hints to Your Partner

Subtly dropping hints to your partner or enlisting others can help steer them toward your dream ring. 

Some of our top ideas, shared by real clients, include:

  • Casually browse for engagement rings online on our Instagram page together and "like" your favourite styles.
  • Point out rings you love when passing various jewelry stores around town.
  • Share photos of preferred diamond shapes, metals, sizes from our website.
  • Enlist your best friend to provide intel to your partner on which rings you admire.
  • Comment on social posts showcasing styles you love saying how beautiful they are.

Although suggestions can be beneficial, it's also important to clearly state your desires to eliminate any uncertainty! Honestly is the best policy to make sure you get the engagement ring of your dreams.

Buy an Engagement Ring at Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry

We sincerely hope this engagement ring guide provided you with valuable insights to begin planning for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. When you're ready to start your search, contact us at Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry. We are devoted to helping you find the perfect ring to symbolize your forever bond.