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Article: Let’s Design Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring Together

Let’s Design Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring Together

Let’s Design Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring Together

Looking to design a custom engagement ring in Canada for the love of your life? With the professional guidance of a third-generation gemologist, Isaac Mayer, you can create a ring your loved one will treasure for the rest of their life. Let us be there for you throughout the design process, and create a high-quality piece of jewelry that perfectly shows off your unique relationship. 

Isaac Mayer engagement rings usually take 3 weeks to complete — so it’s not too late! Let us know today what your engagement ring needs are to receive it in time for the holidays. Our engagement ring experts will make sure that your unique engagement ring is an instant showstopper. 

Our goal is to become an integral part of your love story. We understand the honour and privilege that comes with trusting us to help you design your custom engagement ring. This guide takes you through the process of how to design an engagement ring that reflects your relationship with your partner.

How to Create a Unique Engagement Ring 

This guide will help you thoroughly understand what creating custom engagement rings with Isaac Mayer entails. To keep things simple, we have divided this process into five easy steps:

  • The First Step: Determine Your Budget
  • The Second Step: Finding the Perfect Diamond/Gemstone
  • The Third Step: Picking a Setting & Band Design
  • The Fourth Step: Choosing a Metal
  • The Fifth Step: Adding Engravings & Final Ring Design Details

If you are ready to create your custom engagement ring right now, visit our consultation form to begin.

Each step is integral to creating our unparalleled custom engagement rings that customers around the world use to propose to their partners. Our upmost goal is to learn as much as we can about you and your partner to create a ring that matches your relationship and personality.

Whether you want something traditional or fun and quirky, we can create a ring for your partner that reflects everything you love about them. Because of this, we let you design a ring from the ground up meaning you get to choose everything from the stones to the metal. That is the Isaac Mayer difference!

Although we attempt to answer all your questions in this guide, we understand that you may want more information before starting the design process. You can contact us at any time about creating a ring.

Determine Your Budget

The most common question we receive when helping someone design a custom engagement ring is something along the lines of, “Can I afford a custom engagement ring?” People believe that custom rings must come with obscenely high prices. However, that is not the case. Our team works to create rings that fit any budget, and we put the same love and attention into rings no matter what the price tag is.

Because we want everyone to experience the beauty that comes with a custom engagement ring, we have priced our rings to make them affordable for any budget. Depending on the stones chosen, we can create a custom ring for you for as little as $5,000. This is far less than what generic rings at chain jewelers will charge you for a similar ring that is not customized for your partner.

We believe this price point allows nearly anyone getting engaged to create the perfect ring for their partner while still getting the unique craftsmanship that comes with a custom engagement ring. When you are creating your ring, we ask for your budget to give you a variety of options to choose from, allowing you to select the right ring for your partner.

Find the Perfect Diamond or Gemstone

One of the biggest things when designing custom engagement rings is the diamond or gemstone. This stone will be the focal point of the ring, and like all expert jewelers, we take the time to build your ring around the stone(s) you select as the focal point. 

Because most people choose diamonds for their center stone, we have dedicated an entire page to diamond education, but the available cuts we have are:

  • Cushion cut – This versatile cut features no sharp edges and enhances the colour of the diamond.
  • Oval – This classic cut enhances the finger, showcasing longer fingers and making shorter ones appear longer. They also make smaller diamonds look larger.
  • Pear – Like the oval diamond, the pear cut makes the finger look longer and makes a smaller diamond look larger.
  • Emerald cut – With no sharp edges to prevent snagging, the emerald cut shows off the diamond’s brilliance and makes fingers look slimmer.
  • Asscher – This versatile cut provides plenty of brilliance and is versatile enough to work for diamonds or gemstones. Many looking for a vintage-style ring will opt for the Asscher cut.
  • Radiant – This cut can make a stone appear better because it hides flaws and inclusions resulting in improved clarity. The radiant cut provides more brilliance than any other cut.
  • Princess – The extremely durable princess cut offers incredible brilliance and has a large surface area to make the diamond appear larger.
  • Marquise – Unique and eye-catching, the marquise cut offers plenty of brilliance, slenderizes the hand and looks larger than its carat weight.

Although diamonds are considered the standard for most engagement rings, many people also choose brightly coloured gemstones for their rings. If your partner is looking for a pop of colour on their finger, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate that request.

Pick a Ring Setting & Band Design

Isaac Mayer proudly offers an assortment of settings and band styles to ensure a unique ring. This allows you to create a unique engagement ring that your partner will wear for the rest of their lives. Our setting and band designs include:

  • Simple Classic Solitaire – The classic solitaire is what most people think of when they hear the word “engagement ring.” It is a simple band with a single stone.
  • Pavé – The pave band simply means any stones that are set directly into a band such as the ones surrounding our popular Round Diamond with Halo engagement ring.
  • Halo – Halos feature pave diamonds on the band and around the center stone. Think of them as a frame for the ring. They can also feature a cluster of diamonds in the middle that appear to be a single large stone. You can get a traditional single stone with this setting or something like our double-stone Toi et Moi engagement ring.
  • Side Stones Side stone rings are rings with two stones on either side of the center stone. These stones are usually smaller than the center stone.
  • Micropave - The micropave band allows you to showcase the center stone by having the band covered in pave diamonds that lead up to the stone.
  • Three Row Pavé – The three row micropave is like the pave band but with three rows of diamonds instead of one. This creates a beautiful ring that sparkles from every angle.
  • Split Shank – Two bands in one, the split shank is a timeless, unique band design that shows both your lives joining into one.

Choose a Metal

The next step in designing your custom engagement ring is selecting the metal. We currently offer:

  • White gold – The most popular metal, white gold has a silver appearance but is more precious than silver. This metal is more complimentary to all skin tones than other metals. Because it needs a metal alloy to become the silver colour, it tends to be more durable than yellow gold.
  • Yellow gold – The traditional engagement ring metal, yellow gold offers a timeless look. If something happens to the ring, this metal is the easiest to repair and matches diamonds that have color in them. However, it is harder to match to certain stones.
  • Rose gold – This gold contains copper to give it that beautiful pink appearance. More and more people are opting for a rose gold band colour as it’s feminine and pretty on its own. However, if your loved one has a copper allergy, you will want to avoid this metal.
  • Platinum – This has the appearance of white gold but is much more durable. It has a high price tag, but the luster and shine that come with platinum more than make up for it.

Add Engravings & Final Ring Design Details

You might have thought that you were done creating your ring after selecting the stone, bands and metal, but it is important to get those last little details as well. First off, you will need to select the right ring size. You want your gift to fit on your loved one’s finger, so ensuring you have the correct ring size is integral.

Next, look to make the ring really stand out with a custom engraving. This can be an engagement date, initials or whatever small message you think is integral to your love story. Once you contact our team about creating your ring, we can help you figure out exactly what to put on your ring to make your dreams a reality. For custom inspiration, look no further than these 2022 engagement rings inspired by celebrity proposals.

Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry: the Best Custom Engagement Rings in Montreal

Wondering where to buy engagement rings in Montreal? Look no further than Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry. We have a variety of different designs and styles for you, so don't hesitate to get in contact with our team. 

Once you follow the above steps with us, you will have a perfect ring that reflects your love for your partner. With the holidays fast approaching, create your own engagement rings in no time at all with us! 

Get started on creating your custom engagement ring in Montreal and visit us at our two locations: 1255 Square Phillips Suite 1100 or at Holt & Renfrew Montreal to view our engagement ring counter and get inspired to create your own custom engagement ring with us.