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Article: 13 Custom Engagement Rings Inspired by 2022 Celebrity Proposals

13 Custom Engagement Rings Inspired by  2022 Celebrity Proposals

13 Custom Engagement Rings Inspired by 2022 Celebrity Proposals

Can you feel the love in the air? Whether you're looking to propose to the love of your life soon, or are a partner looking to fully be involved in your engagement ring creation process, you've come to the right place. 

Located in Montreal, Canada – with international shipping available – at Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry, we specialize in creating custom made engagement rings. We know that no two couples are alike, and your engagement ring should reflect your uniqueness.

Engagement rings are one of the biggest, most important purchases a couple can make. However, deciding on the right design for a custom engagement ring can feel overwhelming. Celebrity engagement rings are some of the most popular inspirations, with many featuring designs that couples can use as inspiration for their own rings. 

Colored Gemstones

We want to start by noting that Isaac Mayer can source a colored gemstone for your custom design. Our goal is to accommodate your wishes to create the unique ring of your dreams. Although our rings usually feature classic diamonds, contact us to see how we can accommodate your request for the gemstone or colored diamond you desire.

If You Want To Impress With a Colored Gem Ring

Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green diamond is as beautiful and unique as she is. Her unique ring, similar to our emerald cut with trapezoid side stone engagement ring is both simple and beautiful. Like Lopez's, the ring features a simple band. However, what really pushes this ring’s uniqueness is the trapezoid side stones that allow the center stone to shine, by perfectly framing the stone or diamond of your choice. This ring is sure to turn heads and is the perfect wedding band for anyone looking to tie the knot.

Jennifer Lopez’s Green Diamond Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

Gemstone rings allow you to showcase your fun and unique side. You’ll definitely stand out when people see your ring because you chose a colored gemstone to personalize it. It’s an excellent way to buck tradition while creating an heirloom piece your significant other will love.

Oval Diamonds

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards’ oval diamond engagement ring quickly took the internet by storm. Showcasing her showstopping modern setting, Edwards’ engagement ring is timeless while allowing her unique personality to shine through. Her thin yellow gold band allows the diamonds to be the main showcase.

If You Want a to Pop the Question with a Bold Pavé 

This oval cut with pavé band engagement ring is perfectly set to allow the center stone to get showcased. With a flexible setting, you can select a diamond of any size or quality. Watch how the light travels directly through the diamonds, creating a stunning ring that shines and showcases the diamond’s perfection.

Perrie Edwards’ Oval Diamond Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You Like Rings with Understated Pavé 

While our previous selection offers pavé diamonds that encircle most of the band, this oval cut engagement ring is more understated, offering pavé diamonds on roughly half the band. The diamond can be of any quality or size and just like Edwards’ band, again allowing the center stone to shine as the centerpiece of the ring. Finally, the four prong setting means you don’t need to worry about the stone loosening so the ring, just like your love, will last for years to come.

Modern Ring Setting

Modern settings tend to focus on a minimalistic design, and the ring given to Simone Biles by her fiancé is no different. Featuring a large oval diamond with a pavé band, this ring breaks just enough away from tradition to let Biles’ personality shine wherever she shows her hand.

If You Want a Flawless Modern Engagement Ring

The proof is in the details when you see this radiant cut engagement ring with pavé band. This unique setting is sure to turn heads and offers an awe-inspiring talking point when you show it to your friends. The setting features a small ring of pavé diamonds at the base of the center stone in addition to a full pavé diamond band in either a platinum or gold band. Finally, the center stone can be changed with a stone of any size or quality to allow you to create a ring that perfectly reflects your significant other’s personality.

Simone Biles’ Modern Diamond & Pavé Band Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You Want a Unique & Modern Engagement Ring

This ring has a lot going on, but not enough to detract from the beautiful center stone. The pave diamond band of our halo engagement ring offers a classic and understated ring design that is perfectly in line with those who want something that will stand the test of time. However, the real show stopper is the flower design. Featuring a halo surrounding a center stone, this ring is sure to make the people around you Ooh and Ahh. This ring is perfect for your inner flower child to express themselves.

Emerald Cut

Sophia Richie’s emerald cut engagement ring took the world by storm with many people loving the simplicity of her diamond on a gold band. Rather than risking the diamond getting overshadowed by clusters of diamonds, it is allowed to stand out on its own.

Sofia Richie's Emerald Cut Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You’re Looking for Dazzling Engagement Ring

This gorgeous emerald cut with halo engagement ring features a halo setting and diamond with the appearance of an eternity band once it is on the finger; sure to make anyone say “I do.” Unlike other simple bands with an emerald cut, the setting in this ring allows for an emerald cut diamond of any size or quality. So reach out to us if you'd like to customize it!

Toi & Moi Ring

The Toi & Moi (also called Toi et Moi) style is quickly rising in popularity after being the chosen style of both Megan Fox and Ariana Grande. Grande’s ring features an oval cut diamond with a pearl, for an understated ring style that’s unique to her personality.

However, probably the most famous and recent example of the Toi & Moi style is Megan Fox’s engagement ring she received from Machine Gun Kelly. With the combination of a pearl shaped emerald and diamond, the ring’s notoriety lies in the supposed inclusion of thorns (since debunked).

Ariana Grande & Megan Fox’s Diamond Toi & Moi Rings. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You Want a Personalized Toi & Moi Ring Design

Our Toi et Moi halo engagement ring features two diamonds, one with a heart-shaped cut, while the other is the classic pear shape to ensure uniqueness and class in a single ring. Rather than being in two pieces like the Fox-Kelly ring, this ring features both stones fused together, the same as Grande’s, to ensure the stones will stay together for eternity. This ring is fully customizable, offering any size or quality of diamond, to ensure your ring is as unique as you are and reflects your love as a couple (no thorns included).

Vintage Feel

Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding has already come to pass, but it seems like everyone is still talking about her unforgettable beachside engagement. Pictures of her Lorraine Schwartz vintage-styled sparkler are on everyone's mood board this summer, thanks to Travis Barker's gorgeous and timeless choice of ring.

If You Want a Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

This oval halo engagement ring is sure to get tongues wagging, especially because of its unique setting. The elevated setting allows the diamond to sparkle while the surrounding stones create an always flattering halo effect that’s perfectly vintage. Finally, the pavé band is just like Kourtney's, offering an eternal sparkle.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Vintage Oval Diamond Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You Desire a Blinged Out Engagement Ring

This four prong cushion cut engagement ring is a major sparkler for anyone looking to really showcase their love. The classic setting is the perfect wedding band while the setting allows any size diamond you want to sparkle and shine for years to come.

Classic Bands

There’s nothing more classic than a band, and Britney Spears’ classic band engagement ring is a timeless and simplistic style that looks great. Her style requires the perfect diamond to work, but once you find the right stone, you can’t help but want to take the time to admire it.

If You Want a Custom Traditional Engagement Ring

You simply cannot go wrong with our oval cut engagement ring with a hidden halo. For even the most indecisive partner, this two-tone setting is the perfect marriage of traditional with its classic band and a touch of something new, thanks to the hidden halo underneath the center stone of your choice.

Britney Spears’ Classic Round Stone Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

If You Want a Classic Engagement Ring with a Twist

This cluster diamond flower ring is the perfect twist on the classic band, offering a flower made out of diamonds for plenty of sparkle and shine. The flower design allows a gemstone of any size or quality to be placed in the middle while the smooth back perfectly complements its 14k white gold band selected for the bride-to-be.

Custom Design

Sometimes you simply cannot find a ring that fits your significant other, and that’s where a custom ring like Avril Lavigne’s heart-shaped engagement ring can be the perfect fit. Two of our most popular start styles are our classic solitaire ring and princess cut engagement ring; however, like all of our engagement rings, they are completely customizable to be the perfect match for you.

Avril Lavigne’s Custom Heart Diamond Ring. Shop the look at IMFJ!

Discover the customizations available for all Isaac Mayer engagement rings

  • Diamond cut Cushion Cut, Oval, Pear, Emerald Cut, Asscher, Radiant, Princess, Heart, or Marquise
  • Band Options Simple Classic Solitaire, Micropavé Solitaire, Pavé, Halo, Thin Band, Side Stones, Micropavé, Three Row Pavé, and Split Shank
  • Band Colors – Rose Gold, Platinum, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Two-tones, or Custom

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Here at Isaac Mayer Fine Jewelry, we are dedicated to helping you at every step of the ring-making way. Being able to play a small but significant part in your happily ever after is our greatest joy!